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April 2017
The Ultimate Guide to Men's Formal Sock Fashion
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Don't overlook the importance of a fashionable sock when completing your formal look! Your tuxedo ensemble is impeccable - your jacket, pants, shirt, tie, vest and shoes are all carefully styled and crisp in their appearance. Even your pocket square is folded perfectly and making notice in your jacket pocket. So when you sit down and the hem of your pants lift, you better not be showing off a pair of tacky white gym socks. Yes, your socks need to be fashionable, too. It's time to up your game and learn what you should be putting on your feet when...
Your Complete Guide to Slim Fit Tuxedos and Suits
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Reflect the latest in men's formal fashion with the Michael Kors Slim Fit Black Sterling The Term "Slim Fit" Defined A formal event is just around the corner and you're looking for a tuxedo or suit rental to wear. Wanting to find an ensemble that's very much in style, you find the term “slim fit" regularly shows up in your online research. Your first thought might be that "Slim Fit," when used to describe a gentleman's tux or suit, means a tight-fitting, uncomfortable ensemble that might lead to an unpleasant rental experience and a generally unpleasant day. This is totally untrue! Rather, think...