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History of the Tuxedo - Part 1
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The tuxedo is the most recognized formalwear for men in modern fashion, but its origins are not as commonly known to people as the style of the outfit. In this three part series, we will discuss where the tuxedo came from, its evolution over time and the tuxedo we are familiar with today. Left to Right: a 1931 Tuxedo advertisement, a classic tuxedo Origins of the Word The word "tuxedo" has deeply American roots and originally did not have to do with formalwear. The word P'tauk-seet-tough, which shares its phonetics with the word we use today, was an Algonquin word given to...
History of the Tuxedo - Part 2
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Images courtesy of The Tuxedo Club.In Part 1 of our 2 part series, we discussed the unusual origins of the word "tuxedo" which has become a familiar term relating to men's formalwear. In Part 2 of the series, we will discuss the men at the heart of this origin story and how the tuxedo became part of formal fashion.The Emergence of the Tuxedo ClubWhen we left off with the history of the tuxedo, we learned about Tuxedo Park and a country club established in New York for wealthy aristocrats by one of their own, Pierre Lorillard IV. From Tuxedo...