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Tuxedo Style Advice

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Fashion Tips for the Recent College Graduate
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The college years can be some of the most memorable times in a person's life. It's a time for learning new things, meeting people different from yourself, and going through lots of exciting experiences. There are a lot of experiences that you might have in college that you won't have in the real world... Going to bed at 3:00 am and sleeping until noon on a regular basis might be an example of one. Wearing a t-shirt imprinted with a tuxedo graphic to a formal party might be another! Once you are out of college, it's time to start dressing like...
4 Ways to Upgrade your Wedding Tuxedo Style
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Your wedding day is quickly approaching! While most eyes will be on the bride's walk down the aisle, her eyes will be on you. You'll want to ensure she remembers your wedding style... from this day forward. And now more than ever, grooms have the flexibility to make their wedding day tuxedo or suit their own. It's not just about a plain, black tux anymore. Feel free to choose a tuxedo or suit that complements you and your bride's style. Here are four quick ways to upgrade your wedding style:Find the Right Fit Your wedding day...
Wedding Guest Attire Guidelines
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We've all been there. You receive an invitation to be a guest at a wedding, and while the invite clearly lays out the who, when and where, you're left guessing what to wear. Use these helpful guidelines to know what to wear when attending everything from a formal white tie affair to a more casual wedding. White Tie Invited The most formal type of attire for a wedding is White Tie Invited, so you should adhere to the rules on this one. Men should wear a black tailcoat, a white formal shirt, and a white pique vest and bow tie. Black formal shoes...
The Ultimate Guide to Men's Formal Sock Fashion
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Don't overlook the importance of a fashionable sock when completing your formal look! Your tuxedo ensemble is impeccable - your jacket, pants, shirt, tie, vest and shoes are all carefully styled and crisp in their appearance. Even your pocket square is folded perfectly and making notice in your jacket pocket. So when you sit down and the hem of your pants lift, you better not be showing off a pair of tacky white gym socks. Yes, your socks need to be fashionable, too. It's time to up your game and learn what you should be putting on your feet when...