Renting Tuxedos for the Wedding Party Made Simple!

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You've picked your venue, hired the band, and reserved the caterer. Your dress is exactly as you've always pictured it, and your bridesmaids' dresses are ordered. Now it's time to choose your men's wedding attire. If you've never gone through the process, you may be feeling overwhelmed with choices in styles, colors, and options to coordinate with your wedding theme. JFW offers interactive Build-a-Tux and Event Manager tools on our site to help you along in the planning process. We make it easy, so you can quickly check one more thing off your list.

Getting Started
The easiest way to get started is to create an event within the Event Manager tool. You can enter Event Manager in several ways on our homepage including the scrolling banner at the top of the screen, the Event Manager section in the middle of the screen, or through the Event Manager icon at the top right of your screen, see home page screen below.

Event Manager Jim's Formal Wear

Create an Event
Create an account or login to Event Manager to start building your event. Once on your My Account page, click 'Create New Event,' and enter your event details into the fields. Name your event, pick the event date from the calendar widget, choose the type of event and your role in it, and click 'Create Event.' The site will bring you directly to your event, so you can start the decision process.

Wedding Party Tuxedos Create Event

Choose Your Looks
Use the interactive Build-a-Tux tool to mix and match the tuxedos/suits and accessories for your wedding. The drop down filters will enable you to quickly get to the colors and styles you want. The items will build on the torso to the left as you select them, so you can see a real-time look at the ensembles for your formal event. Click the 'Next' button or the steps in the progress bar at the top of the screen to select each item of the ensemble. We'll give you suggestions along the way to make the process go smoothly.

When you're happy with what you've created, click 'Save to Event Manager' by naming the ensemble and choosing the event. You'll have the option to create more looks or to go to the event. Each of your saved ensembles will populate in Event Manager, so you can see them all in one place.

Wedding Party Build a Tux

Add Members
Enter names, roles, and contact information for each of the gentlemen in your party. Don't forget the ring bearers and dads, they'll need suits, too!

Your chosen retailer will use the contact information to communicate with your gentlemen about their rental orders. We'll also send them an email invitation to view the event details and sign up for reminders. Don't worry, we won't share their information with anyone else.

Should you need to edit their information or delete a member, click on the pencil icon next to the member name. Don't forget to click 'Save Member' when you're finished.

Wedding Party Tuxedos Add Members

Assign the Looks to your Members
Once you have all the members of the party added, choose which ensemble each of them will wear by assigning looks.

All of the ensembles you've created will be shown at the top of the screen. Place your curser and click on the ensemble you want to work with first. A blue box will appear around the torso image, and the name of the ensemble will be shown in the member box along with a list of all your members at the bottom of the screen.

Click on the radio buttons next to each member's name that will be wearing the chosen ensemble. A small torso image will appear next to their names, and the name of the ensemble will be listed below the members' names.

Continue the process with each of the created looks for your event.

If you want to change what a particular member is wearing, simply click the radio button again to remove the selection, choose the correct ensemble, and click the radio button again.

Wedding Party Tuxedos Assign Looks

Choose Your Retailer
We work with over 5000 independently owned locations nationwide, so we're sure to have a JFW Retailer near you. We suggest using a retailer that's close to your event city to facilitate the rental orders for your event.

On the 'Choose Retailer' tab, enter your city and state or your zip code into the search box. A list of available locations will populate below the map. Click on the radio button next to any location and choose 'Select Retailer' to see detailed information about the store including their contact info, store hours and driving directions. If you'd like to select a different location, click the 'Change Retailer' button and complete the steps again.

Wedding Party Tuxedos Choose a Store

Review and Submit Your Event
You're almost finished! Review the information about your event. You'll find images of your Assigned Looks and which members are wearing them on this page. If you have any looks that aren't assigned to a member, those will be shown in the My Unassigned Looks section. A list of your members and their assigned styles is also listed at the bottom of the page. And your retailer information and custom event timeline are shown on the right side of the screen.

If everything looks correct, submit the event to your chosen retailer. By submitting the event, your chosen retailer will have instant access to view your member information and style selections. It will help you and your members to better communicate with the retailer about your event. And it means you're one step closer to checking tuxedo or suit rentals off your list!

Wedding Party Tuxedos Review and Submit

Track your Wedding Party's Progress
As your members complete the steps in the ordering process, you'll be able to track the progress of your event using the Event Progress screen.

You'll find your custom event timeline to keep you on track in the progress on the left of your screen. Each member of the party will be listed in role order, and as each step is completed, a check mark will be visible next to their name.

We'll send you reminders as important steps come near. And if your event members opt in for messages, we can remind them too!

Wedding Party Tuxedos Track Progress

One Last Step
Now that you've successfully created your wedding group, ask each of your event members to visit or call your chosen JFW Retailer. Each member will need to be measured for their tuxedo or suit and will need to pay for their ensemble to complete the ordering process. Your JFW Retailer can help them through the steps.

If you have gentlemen coming from out of town, they can be measured at another JFW Retailer near their home. Just have them download our measurement form and locate a retailer using our store locator.

Thanks for choosing JFW to be a part of your special day! We look forward to servicing your event.