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Wedding Planning for Men - 5 Tasks the Groom Will Love
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If you could spend every single minute of the day dreaming, planning, and prepping for your wedding, you would. But, if your fiancé doesn't feel the same way, don't stress! Some guys just don't get as excited about some of the little details that women swoon over. If you'd like to see your fiancé participate more in the planning, why not give your husband-to-be some tasks you know he will enjoy? (And leave the rest to tackle with the girls!) Beverage Tasting for the Reception Do you plan to offer a signature cocktail or array of craft brews at your reception? Organize a...
Renting Tuxedos for the Wedding Party Made Simple!
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You've picked your venue, hired the band, and reserved the caterer. Your dress is exactly as you've always pictured it, and your bridesmaids' dresses are ordered. Now it's time to choose your men's wedding attire. If you've never gone through the process, you may be feeling overwhelmed with choices in styles, colors, and options to coordinate with your wedding theme. JFW offers interactive Build-a-Tux and Event Manager tools on our site to help you along in the planning process. We make it easy, so you can quickly check one more thing off your list. Getting Started The easiest way to get started...
Dogs in Weddings: Ideas for Including Man's Best Friend
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Weddings with dogs are becoming increasingly common in modern weddings, and with good reason. Your dogs are part of your family; why wouldn't you include them in your special day? Make sure including your dog in your wedding goes off without a hitch with these ideas, hints, and troubleshooting tips. Fido's Role in the Wedding Party Your dog deserves more than a guest invitation; incorporate him into the wedding party! Here are some creative ideas to get you started: Flower Dog Your dog can sashay down the aisle with a flower headdress or a flowered wreath around the neck. Ring Bearer (Dogger?) Secure a velvet or...