JFW is taking online shopping to the next level for your online rental. Our Innovative Fit Technology takes less than 60 seconds, and you'll benefit from:

  • Contact-Free Measurement
  • No tape measures or size charts
  • Quick & Easy Process
  • Accurate Fit
  • Measurements are automatically added to your order
  • Take pictures with a friend or in selfie-mode
Allure Men Heather Grey Clayton Suit

Personalized Fit in 3 Easy Steps

Create Your Event
Create Your Event
Use Event Manager to complete your online event details.

Take 2 Pictures
Take 2 Pictures
When asked for your measurements, use the measurement tool to take 2 pictures with your phone.

Size Recommendations
Get Size Recommendations
Get personalized size recommendations assigned to your order.


**DISCLAIMER: Jim’s Formal Wear (JFW) uses a third-party vendor to make digital measurement technology available to its retailers and end consumers for body measurements. While the vendor’s technology is considered reliable, JFW does not guarantee its measurement accuracy.

JFW will add the measurement data to the end consumer's order once received. Should a consumer wish to review the digital measurement results or make changes, contact our support team.