home. office. destination. Enjoy convenient delivery options...

Benefit from in-store expertise with the convenience of home, office or destination delivery.

The convenience of Direct Delivery is the perfect option for your out-of-town groomsmen. Why drive to the "Big Box Store" three times and spend more?

Out of town groomsmen

Concerned about your out-of-town groomsmen?

Don't worry... we can ship directly to their home, office or destination. They can submit their payment and measurements to your chosen JFW Retailer with this measurement form, and we'll take care of the rest!

Worried about last minute fitting issues?

We have you covered. We'll ship the suits or tuxedos early enough, so your guys will try-on before traveling to your wedding. If any issues arise, your JFW Retailer will be able to handle any last minute alterations or changes before your wedding.

Is your wedding out of town?

No problem. We can ship directly to everyone within the continental United States.